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Welcome to Peter Fray and Partners.

This site is about two things: me and you.

I assume you have some interest in me; let me assure you, I am interested in you too.

I may not know what form that interest will take but read on here — and the rest of the site — and I’m pretty sure we will find common ground.

Most of what I do is fuelled by three things:

1.  Re-defining  journalism. Journalists play many roles. Few, if any, of those roles are exclusive to journalism and virtually all are changing.  Being paid to find, tell and edit stories is a privilege, not a right.  As individual and an industry we need to be open to the way our roles can and will change.

2. Re-defining me.  I had a great run at Fairfax. Not quite copy kid to CEO, but fairly close: rural reporter to editor-in-chief/publisher.  I will be forever grateful for the experiences, but I can’t let them define me. I spent many years telling stories in print, but again they don’t define me. I spent several years in senior editorial and management positions, but again, they don’t define me.  As with the industry, I will be made and remade every day.  If nothing else is fixed, how can I?

3.  Working out how to fund 1 and 2 above.

So, if you have any ideas about 1, 2 or 3 feel free to email me at peter.fray@me.com


Peter Fray

Jan 2014


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