Publishers, journalists and audiences — none of them is satisfied with the current state of online content.

In a pivot from milkpilot, has been born to deal with these problems.

I acknowledge the co-work of Hunter Page (business lead),  Richard McLaren (tech lead) and Alistair Munro (project manager lead) plus the inputs of tech developers (and friends) at Sakura Sky.

Here are the problems we are trying to solve:


The world is awash with content but not all content is equal — and neither are the journalists who make it.


Find the most effective and trusted journalist — and create deep, ongoing relationship between them and their audiences.


Mastheads are declining as the main source of journalism discovery. Facebook forces publishers to embrace ‘clickbait’. Publishers want to maximize returns on content.


Understand whose bylines are most trusted. Grow audiences across the web on the basis of content delivered by those journalists.


Audiences are looking for content to share — and trust. They are not brand-loyal. They snack across mastheads.


Make it easier to build close relationships with byline authors — within and across mastheads. Embrace their freedom to choose.

How delivers

Its algorithm discovers credible journalists from across the web and across subject area. Sdipiti subtly introduces itself to readers by delivering byline suggestions to audiences. For publishers, sdipiti monetises the need to retain readers longer.

This is a work in progress but it is by far the most interesting of my current tech/content projects. Again, watch this space.


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