Winwin Written & conceived by Ali Cromie, Narelle Hooper & Peter Fray, copyright 2015

Below is a two-page outline of a radio program conceived and written by myself and two wonderful journalists, Ali Crome and Narelle Hooper.

Winwin draws on the ethical dilemmas of the weekly news. The prop as a radio show is currently in with the Australian Broadcasting Corp (yes, the same one that ‘stole’ fact-checking). Ultimately, it will be a TV show.

Winwin is a fast paced current affairs panel show about money, power and jelly pythons. Dilemmas are drawn from recent news stories to reveal profound and comic consequences of decisions.

The show involves two teams of three each headed by a team leader.  The teams have to come up with the winwin — that is, the best solution for all parties (ie individuals, community/company and country).  They will have to balance competing interests: workers v. bosses, individuals v. society, self v public interest.

The show is hosted by Ali Cromie, the ‘inquisitor’, who is also the adjudicator. The teams, led by Narelle Hooper and Peter Fray, will be personalities drawn from business, sport and politics.

The show has three segments and two riffs which nod to the theme of the next segment. Scores — out of jelly pythons + sound cue— are given at end of each round.

Introduction ( 3 mins )

Ali explains the why and what of the show and introduces team leaders. They in turn introduce their teams.

Dolphins v Weasels (6 mins)

Dolphins play for social good. Weasels for the corporation. Each have to solve the same dilemma — but from a different and conflicting point of view.  The teams deliberate in secret, but the audience listens in. They each go into a cone of silence (headphones, blindfold) while their opponents work on their solution.

Eg of a dilemma: you run an iron ore mine, the price crashes, you have to lay off 500 workers. Half of your workers are local Aborigines, half fifos. Weasels are told fifos are more productive. Dolphins are told they have to be good corporate citizens.

The Jelly Python Riff (2 mins)

Exposes examples of spin masquerading as winwin. It’s delivered by either Ali, Narelle or Peter. The riff ‘celebrates’ Nestle, which cut its jelly snakes in half, saved millions and claimed it tackled obesity a sugar fix.

Eg: Cadbury shrinks family chocolate blocks but price stays the same. Rising costs blamed. This is a serial ‘feel good’ corporate killer.

The Python Challenge (5mins)

The teams again have to solve the same dilemma. Each draw a jelly python, one short, one long. Draw the short python and come up with a quick fix; pick the long python find a lasting solution. Both answers have to add to company’s bottom line.

Eg: You run a giant personal products company. Your hot product flushable toilets wipes is making a motza but is clogging up the sewers. What do you do?

( OptionB: at this point, we could eliminate a team. The final segment would then be between two people.)

Dumb decisions of the week (2mins)

Ali, Peter and Narelle lead discussion about the dumbest decisions of the week.

Winwin (10 mins)

The teams must come up with the winwin solution to a key dilemmas of the week. Each team has a different problem.

The leader says he/she has written the ‘Food for Thought’ (FFT) answer in an envelope. It’s up to the team come up with a better, consensual decision. The team debates solution to the dilemma.

At some point the leader reads out the FFT envelope. Ali says time’s up. What’s your answer. She gives feedback. The process is repeated with other team. Each team has 4 mins. Ali sums and picks a ultimate winner and why.

(OptionB: The FFT is read by either Narelle or Peter leader at some point in the segment. The contestant can either use or lose it.)

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